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Tk_GetFontStruct(3Tk)					 Tk_GetFontStruct(3Tk)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     Tk_GetFontStruct, Tk_NameOfFontStruct, Tk_FreeFontStruct -	maintain
     database of fonts

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <tk.h>

     XFontStruct *
     Tk_GetFontStruct(interp, tkwin, nameId)

     char *


ARGUMENTS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Tcl_Interp	   *interp	    (in)      Interpreter to use for error

     Tk_Window	   tkwin	    (in)      Token for	window in which	font
					      will be used.

     Tk_Uid	   nameId	    (in)      Name of desired font.

     XFontStruct   *fontStructPtr   (in)      Font structure to	return name
					      for or delete.

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Tk_GetFont	loads the font indicated by nameId and returns a pointer to
     information about the font.  The pointer returned by Tk_GetFont will
     remain valid until	Tk_FreeFont is called to release it.  NameId can be
     either a font name	or pattern;  any value that could be passed to
     XLoadQueryFont may	be passed to Tk_GetFont.  If Tk_GetFont	is
     unsuccessful (because, for	example, there is no font corresponding	to
     nameId) then it returns NULL and stores an	error message in interp-

     Tk_GetFont	maintains a database of	all fonts it has allocated.  If	the
     same nameId is requested multiple times (e.g. by different	windows	or for
     different purposes), then additional calls	for the	same nameId will be
     handled very quickly, without involving the X server.  For	this reason,
     it	is generally better to use Tk_GetFont in place of X library procedures
     like XLoadQueryFont.

     The procedure Tk_NameOfFontStruct is roughly the inverse of
     Tk_GetFontStruct.	If its fontStructPtr argument was created by
     Tk_GetFontStruct, then the	return value is	the nameId argument that was
     passed to Tk_GetFontStruct	to create the font.  If	fontStructPtr was not
     created by	a call to Tk_GetFontStruct, then the return value is a
     hexadecimal string	giving the X identifier	for the	associated font.
     Note:  the	string returned	by Tk_NameOfFontStruct is only guaranteed to

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Tk_GetFontStruct(3Tk)					 Tk_GetFontStruct(3Tk)

     persist until the next call to Tk_NameOfFontStruct.

     When a font returned by Tk_GetFont	is no longer needed, Tk_FreeFont
     should be called to release it.  There should be exactly one call to
     Tk_FreeFont for each call to Tk_GetFont.  When a font is no longer	in use
     anywhere (i.e. it has been	freed as many times as it has been gotten)
     Tk_FreeFont will release it to the	X server and delete it from the

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