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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     dwarfdump - dumps DWARF debug information of an ELF object

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     dwarfdump [-abcdefilmoprsvy] [-t{afv}] [-uobjectfile] filename

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The dwarfdump command prints DWARF	sections as requested by specific
     options.  With no options nothing prints!

     The format	is intended to be human	readable.  If a	script is to parse the
     output, the -d option is useful.

     The format	may change from	release	to release, so it is unwise to depend
     too heavily on the	format.

     The dwarfdump command accepts one or more of the following	options:

	  -a   Dumps all sections.  Same as -bcfilmoprsy -tfv.

	  -b   Dumps the .debug_abbrev section.

	  -c   Dumps the .debug_loc section.

	  -d   Dense mode.  Each die information of the	.debug_info section is
	       printed in one-line format.  This option	does not imply -i.

	  -e   Ellipsis	mode.  Short names for DW_TAG_*	and DW_ATTR_* are used
	       in the output for the .debug_info section.

	  -f   Dumps the .debug_frame section.

	  -h   Dumps the C++ exception handling	 section (MIPS_EH_REGION). If
	       -v is specified in addition to -h , the exception handling
	       supplemental table (MIPS_EH_REGION_SUPP section)	is also

	       The fields printed out for the exception	table are (in the
	       following order): region	number;	kind which can take one	three
	       values 't' for try block	region,	'c' for	cleanup	region and 'e'
	       for exception specification region; the low offset; the high
	       offset; region number of	parent.

	       The supplemental	information printed for	try block regions
	       include:	the handler address; flags; type_info (a structure
	       describing the type) address. The supplement information	is
	       repeated	for every handler assoicated with the try block	in a
	       new line.

	       The supplemental	information printed for	exception
	       specification supplement	include: the type_info address and the

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	       The supplemental	information printed for	cleanup	supplement
	       include:	the address of the destructor or delete	routine;
	       flags; the address of the object	and the	following fields if
	       present (the presence is	indicated in the flags field): this
	       parameter offset; number	of elements of the array object; size
	       of each element;	the offset of the conditional flag; and	the
	       address of the guard variable.

	       For more	details, see /usr/include/cmplrs/exception_table.h

	  -i   Dumps the .debug_info section.

	  -l   Dumps the .debug_line information.

	  -m   Dumps the .debug_macinfo	section.

	  -o   Dumps the .reloc_debug_*	sections.

	  -p   Dumps the .debug_pubnames section.

	  -r   Dumps the .debug_aranges	section.

	  -s   Dumps .debug_string section.

	  -ta  Same as -tfv.

	  -tf  Dumps the .debug_static_funcs section.

	  -tv  Dumps the .debug_static_vars section.

	       Restricts the dumping of	sections to the	named object file

	  -v   Verbose mode.  Shows more detailed information. Mor detailed
	       information about the .debug_frame section prints if 2 or 3 -v
	       options are given.

	  -w   Dumps the .debug_weaknames section.

	  -y   Dumps the .debug_types section.

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