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amconfig(1m)							  amconfig(1m)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     amconfig -	check or modify	availmon configuration values

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/etc/amconfig [ {autoemail|shutdownreason|
			  tickerd|hinvupdate} [	{on|off} ] ]
     /usr/etc/amconfig statusinterval [	days ]
     /usr/etc/amconfig tickduration   [	seconds	]
     /usr/etc/amconfig autoemail.list

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     amconfig is used to configure availmon(5) via four	configuration flags,
     two configuration values, and a list of email addresses.  If no argument
     is	given, amconfig	shows the status of all	flags and values and the
     content of	the email lists.

     The first synopsis	is for configuration flags.  In	this case, usage for
     showing status and	turning	flags on or off	is the same as for

     The autoemail flag	controls automatic distribution	of availmon reports
     according to autoemail.list.

     The shutdownreason	flag enables prompting for the reason for taking the
     system down.

     The tickerd flag enables system uptime monitoring.

     The hinvupdate flag enables checking for hardware inventory changes on
     each reboot and include such information in diagnosis reports.

     The second	synopsis is for	modifying the interval of sending status
     reports. Availmon will send status	reports	periodically if	the system is
     up	for an extended	period of time,	according to the value of
     statusinterval. If	the interval is	zero, no status	reports	will be	sent.
     The status	reports	will be	sent only if tickerd is	on.

     The third synopsis	is for modifying tickduration value. Eventmond(1M)
     records system uptime in tickfile (/var/adm/avail/.save/lasttick) every
     tickduration seconds.  This information is	used to	estimate uptime	in the
     case of a system hang.

     The fourth	synopsis is for	modifying email	lists for automatic
     distribution of availmon reports. There are three kinds of	reports:
     availability, diagnosis and pager.	 Availability and diagnosis reports
     can be sent in any	of three formats: compressed and encrypted,
     compressed, and plain text.  Pager	reports	are formatted only as concise
     plain text.  amconfig invokes vi(1) to edit the email lists, which
     consist of	report format specifications and associated address lists.
     The address lists can be edited, but the report format specifications
     should not	be modified.  If an address list is long, it can be split into
     several entries (lines) with the same report format specification,	but

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amconfig(1m)							  amconfig(1m)

     and the total length of the addresses list	cannot exceed 1024 characters.
     An	alias can be used to shorten the total length.

     If	an address is added to autoemail.list and autoemail is on, amconfig
     will send a registration report to	the newly configured address.  Or if
     an	existing address is deleted (and autoemail is on), amconfig will send
     a deregistration report to	the deleted address.  For either action, there
     is	no need	to change the autoemail	setting.

     Default configuration upon	installation is:


	  on	 for high-end systems
	  off	 otherwise

	  on	 for high-end systems
	  off	 otherwise

	  on	 for high-end systems
	  off	 otherwise

	  60	 (disabled if tickerd is off)

	  300	 (disabled if tickerd is off)

	  availability (compressed,encrypted):
	  availability (compressed):
	  availability (text):
	  diagnosis (compressed,encrypted): availmon@csd.sgi.com
	  diagnosis (compressed):
	  diagnosis (text):
	  pager	(text):

     In	order for esp(5) to capture Kernel Availability	events and send
     reports ( if configured ),	it is necessary	to configure the file
     /etc/syslog.conf. Make sure the following entry is	present:

	  *.notice |/usr/etc/amfilter

     The following are the Availability	Events captured	in the Kernel:


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amconfig(1m)							  amconfig(1m)

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     esp(5), availmon(5), eventmond(1M), chkconfig(1M),	vi(1).

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