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 DtMrm(5) -- initializing widgets for URM facilities
    The top-level routine DtMrmIntialize is normally accessible to and used by an application at runtime to access URM facilities. DtMrmIntialize must be called in order to prepare an application to use URM widget fetching facilities for CDE Dt widgets. It is analogous to the MrmInitialize routine for Motif widgets. DtMrmIntialize initializes the internal data structures (creating the mapping from cla...
 DtMsgLog(5) -- message logging definitions
    The Dt/MsgLog.h header defines data types and function prototypes for the Message Logging Service. The Dt/MsgLog.h header provides the following data type declarations: typedef enum { DtMsgLogInformation, DtMsgLogStderr, DtMsgLogDebug, DtMsgLogWarning, DtMsgLogError } DtMsgLogType; typedef void (*DtMsgLogHandler) ( const char *program_name, DtMsgLogType msg_type, const char *format, va_list args )...
 DtPrint(5) -- print definitions
    The Dt/Print.h header defines resource names, resource values, callback reasons, callback structures, and function prototypes for the Print widget class. The Dt/Print.h header defines the following resource names: DtNcancelCallback cancelCallback DtNclosePrintDisplayCallback closePrintDisplayCallback DtNcopies copies DtNdescription description DtNdestroyContextCallback destroyContextCallback DtNfi...
 dtprintinfoaction(5) -- CDE print job actions
    The CDE Print Job Services support the following action for viewing printers and print jobs:
 DtSaver(5) -- screen saver definitions
    The Dt/Saver.h header defines the following as a function: Boolean DtSaverGetWindows(Display *display, Window **window, int *count);
 DtSearch(5) -- Introduces the DtSearch text search and retrieval system
    DtSearch is a general purpose text search and retrieval system that serves as the text search engine for the DtInfo browser in the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). DtSearch utilizes a full text inverted index of natural language words and stems. Both queries and documents have been internationalized for CDE single- and multi-byte languages, with provision for the definition of custom languages. Q...
 DtSession(5) -- session management services definitions
    The Dt/Session.h header defines the following as functions: Boolean DtSessionSavePath(Widget widget, char **save_path, char **save_file); Boolean DtSessionRestorePath(Widget widget, char **restore_path, char *restore_file);
 dtsessionaction(5) -- CDE session management actions
    The CDE Session Management Services support the following session management actions:
 DtSpinBox(5) -- DtSpinBox widget definitions
    The Dt/SpinBox.h header defines the following structure: typedef struct { int reason; XEvent *event; Widget widget; Boolean doit; int position; XmString value; Boolean crossed_boundary; } DtSpinBoxCallbackStruct; The header declares the following constants: DtARROWS_FLAT_BEGINNING DtARROWS_FLAT_END DtARROWS_SPLIT DtARROWS_BEGINNING DtARROWS_END DtARROWS_SENSITIVE DtARROWS_DECREMENT_SENSITIVE DtARR...
 DtStdAppFontNames(5) -- CDE Standard Application Font Names
    CDE 1.0 does not come with a common set of fonts on all vendors' systems, and both CDE itself and CDE applications must be able to run on X servers and X terminals from non-CDE vendors if those vendors so desire. Therefore, there are a standard set of ``generic'' font names and sizes that each CDE vendor makes available on their CDE systems and that X server vendors may make available on their ...
 DtStdInterfaceFontNames(5) -- CDE Standard Interface Font Names
    The CDE Standard Interface Font Names are a set of generic X Window System font names, needed by the CDE GUI itself, that are used for user interface elements such as button labels, window titles and text fields. These names, for seven sizes of two typefaces, must exist on all CDE systems, and they should be provided in any X server product on which CDE applications are expected to run. Seven size...
 dtstyleaction(5) -- CDE style management actions
    The CDE Style Management Services support the following style management actions: Dtstyle Open a view of the desktop style manager. These actions can be invoked from an application using the DtActionInvoke(3) function or invoked from a command line using the dtaction(1) utility.
 dts_audit_events(5) -- Auditable events for the time services
    Code is in place for auditing security-significant events in the Time Server. Among these events are: + Time Service processes + Clock readings + Global-set membership (in the Cell Service Profile) + Time Service attributes Event class definitions, together with filters, control the auditing execution at these code points. Filters can be updated dynamically. Filter files are maintained by a per-ho...
 dtterm(5) -- escape sequences recognized by dtterm and the DtTerm widget
    Received Escape Sequences The dtterm(1) utility and the DtTerm widget support the following list of received escape sequences. Spaces have been added for readability and are not part of the escape sequence. The following indicate parameters: pi, p1, label, file and text. Space indicates a required space, hexadecimal code 0x20. A - char indicates a control code (such as -G, which ...
 DtTerm(5) -- terminal emulator definitions
    The Dt/Term.h header defines structures, values and function prototypes for terminal emulator services. The header declares the following variable: WidgetClass dtTermWidgetClass; The following are declared as functions: Widget DtCreateTerm(Widget parent, char *name, Arg *arglist, Cardinal argcount); void DtTermInitialize(void); void DtTermDisplaySend(Widget w, unsigned char *buffer, int length); v...
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