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 vxfs_ifree_timelag(5) -- VxFS inode free time lag (specifies the minimum time to be spent on a freelist)
    In VxFS, the unused inodes are put on a freelist. The memory space for this unused inode is freed if it stays on the freelist for a specified amount of time. The vxfs_ifree_timelag tunable specifies the minimum amount of time should spend on a freelist before its memory space is freed. The time is specified in seconds. vxfs_ifree_timelag is a dynamic tunable. Any changes to vxfs_ifree_timelag take...
 vxfs_max_ra_kbytes(5) -- maximum amount of read-ahead data, in KB, that kernel may have outstanding for a single VxFS file system
    This tunable vxfs_max_ra_kbytes, along with other "read-ahead" tunables vxfs_ra_per_disk and vx_fancyra_enable, has been obsoleted in HP-UX 11i Version 2 and is replaced by the filesystem tunable read_ahead. For more information on the VxFS file system tunables see vxtunefs(1M).
 vxfs_ra_per_disk(5) -- amount of VxFS file system read-ahead per disk, in KB.
    This tunable vxfs_ra_per_disk, along with other "read-ahead" tunables vxfs_max_ra_kbytes and vx_fancyra_enable, has been obsoleted in HP-UX 11i Version 2 and is replaced by the filesystem tunable read_ahead. For more information on VxFS file system tunables see vxtunefs(1M).
 vx_maxlink(5) -- Configure the number of links to a file
    The vx_maxlink tunable is used to configure the number of links possible to a file on VxFS filesystem As vx_maxlink is initialized when system is booted, the changes made to vx_maxlink will take effect only from the next system reboot.
 vx_ncsize(5) -- the number of bytes to be reserved for the directory
    This tunable parameter, vx_ncsize, has been obsoleted from HP-UX 11i Version 2 and onwards; there is a change in the implementation of DNLC (Directory Name Lookup Cache) in VxFS/JFS 3.5, which uses it's own private DNLC. The kernel tunable ncsize has no impact on the size of the VxFS/JFS 3.5 DNLC. For more information see the release notes.
 vx_ninode(5) -- Determines the internal node table size
    The VxFS file system caches the inodes in an inode table. The kernel tunable vx_ninode determines the number of inodes in the inode table to help VxFS in caching. The vx_ninode static tunable is initialized when system is booted. Thus the changes in the vx_ninode table will take effect only during the next system reboot.
 WML(5) -- The widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers
    The widget meta-language facility (WML) is used to generate the components of the user interface language (UIL) compiler that can change depending on the widget set. Using WML you can add support in UIL for new widgets to the Motif widget set or for a totally new widget set.
 xferlog(5) -- FTP server logfile
    The xferlog file contains logging information from the FTP server daemon, ftpd (see ftpd(1M)). This file is found in /var/adm/syslog. Each server entry is composed of a single line of the following form, with all fields being separated by spaces. current-time transfer-time remote-host file-size filename transfer-type special-action-flag direction access-mode username service-name authentication-me...
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