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 xtab(4) -- directories to export to NFS clients
    File /etc/exports describes the directories that can be exported to NFS clients. The system administrator creates it using a text editor. mountd processes it each time a mount request is received (see mountd(1M)). /etc/exports is read automatically by the exportfs command (see exportfs(1M)). If this file is changed, exportfs must be run (exportfs -a) before the changes can affect the daemon's ope...
 ypfiles(4) -- Network Information Service database and directory structure
    Remarks The Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Yellow Pages (yp). Although the name has changed, the functionality of the service remains the same. The Network Information Service (NIS) network lookup service uses databases in the directory hierarchy under /var/yp. These databases exist only on machines that act as NIS servers. A database consists of two files created by maked...
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