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 DtHelpSetCatalogName(library call)       DtHelpSetCatalogName(library call)

 NAME    [Toc]    [Back]
      DtHelpSetCatalogName - assign the name of the message catalog to use
      for help services

 SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]
      #include <Dt/Help.h>
      void DtHelpSetCatalogName(
      char *catFile);

 DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]
      The DtHelpSetCatalogName function provides an interface for
      applications to set the name of the message catalog file that the help
      services library uses at runtime.  This message catalog contains all
      strings, messages and button labels used in the help widgets that can
      be localized.

      The catFile argument specifies the name of the message catalog file
      that the help services library accesses at runtime.  See catopen3C for
      more information on the message catalog naming and location semantics
      for various environments.

 RETURN VALUE    [Toc]    [Back]
      The DtHelpSetCatalogName function returns no value.

 APPLICATION USAGE    [Toc]    [Back]
      The DtHelpSetCatalogName function is only required if applications
      deliver localized online help information into a non-localized CDE
      desktop environment.  In this case, applications must use this
      function and give the help message catalog file a unique name in order
      to avoid collision with other clients using and localizing their
      online-help user interface.  In order for this call to properly affect
      the help services library, this call must be made prior to creation of
      any help widgets.

 SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]
      Dt/Help.h - DtHelp(5), DtCreateHelpQuickDialog(3),
      DtCreateHelpDialog(3); catopen3C.

                                    - 1 -       Formatted:  January 24, 2005
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