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 i386/cy(4) -- Cyclades Cyclom-Y serial driver
    The cy driver provides support for Cirrus Logic CD1400-based EIA RS-232C (CCITT V.24) communications interfaces (ports) on Cyclades Cyclom-Y boards. Each CD1400 provides 4 ports. Cyclom-Y boards with ...
 da(4) -- SCSI Direct Access device driver
    The da driver provides support for all SCSI devices of the direct access class that are attached to the system through a supported SCSI Host Adapter. The direct access class includes disk, magneto-opt...
 dc(4) -- DEC/Intel 21143 and clone 10/100 ethernet driver
    The dc driver provides support for several PCI fast ethernet adapters and embedded controllers based on the following chipsets: +o DEC/Intel 21143 +o ADMtek AL981 Comet, AN985 Centaur, ADM9511 Centaur...
 dcons(4) -- dumb console device driver
    The dcons device is the simple console device which just reads from and writes to an allocated buffer for input and output respectivly. It is no use by itself and it is supposed that the buffer is acc...
 dcons_crom(4) -- Configuration ROM stub for dcons(4)
    The dcons_crom exposes buffer address of dcons(4) through Configuration ROM of FireWire(4). This address is supposed to be used by dconschat(8).
 ddb(4) -- interactive kernel debugger
    The ddb kernel debugger has most of the features of the old kdb, but with a more rational syntax inspired by gdb(1). If linked into the running kernel, it can be invoked locally with the `debug' keym...
 de(4) -- DEC DC21x4x Ethernet device driver
    The de driver provides support for the Ethernet adapters based on the Digital Equipment DC21x4x based self-contained Ethernet and Fast Ethernet chips, including: +o Asante +o Cogent EM100FX and EM440T...
 devctl(4) -- device event reporting and device control interface
    The devctl device is used to report device events from the kernel. Future versions will allow for some device control as well.
 i386/dgb(4) -- DigiBoard intelligent serial cards driver
    The dgb driver provides support for DigiBoard PC/Xe and PC/Xi series intelligent serial multiport cards with asynchronous interfaces based on the EIA RS-232C (CCITT V.24) standard. Input and output fo...
 disc(4) -- software discard network interface
    The disc interface is a software discard mechanism which may be used for performance analysis and/or software testing. As with other network interfaces, the discard interface must have network address...
 divert(4) -- kernel packet diversion mechanism
    Divert sockets are similar to raw IP sockets, except that they can be bound to a specific divert port via the bind(2) system call. The IP address in the bind is ignored; only the port number is signif...
 dpt(4) -- DPT RAID Controller SCSI driver
    The dpt driver provides support for the following RAID adapters: +o DPT Smart Cache Plus +o Smart Cache II (PM2?2?, PM2022 [EISA], PM2024/PM2124 [PCI]) (Gen2) +o Smart RAID II (PM3?2?, PM3021, PM3222)...
 dummynet(4) -- traffic shaper, bandwidth manager and delay emulator
    The dummynet system facility permits the control of traffic going through the various network interfaces, by applying bandwidth and queue size limitations, implementing different scheduling and queue ...
 ed(4) -- ethernet device driver
    The ed driver provides support for 8 and 16bit ethernet cards that are based on the National Semiconductor DS8390 and similar NICs manufactured by other companies. It supports all 80x3 series ethernet...
 ef(4) -- pseudo-device driver providing support for multiple ethernet frame types
    The ef pseudo-device driver clones each ethernet type device with four additional interfaces. Each of them is capable to send or receive only one predefined frame type. Names for the new interfaces cr...
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