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 worm(4) -- write-once (CD-R) disk driver
    The worm driver was provided under FreeBSD releases prior to FreeBSD 3.0. The FreeBSD SCSI layer was replaced for FreeBSD 3.0 by a CAM-compliant SCSI layer. The new SCSI layer doesn't include a worm ...
 i386/wt(4) -- Archive/Wangtek cartridge tape driver
    The wt driver provides support for the following Archive and Wangtek boards: QIC-02 QIC-36
 xe(4) -- Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet device driver
    The xe driver supports PCMCIA Ethernet adapters based on Xircom CE2- and CE3-class hardware. This includes devices made by Xircom along with various OEM manufacturers. The following cards are supporte...
 xl(4) -- 3Com Etherlink XL and Fast Etherlink XL ethernet device driver
    The xl driver provides support for PCI ethernet adapters and embedded controllers based on the 3Com "boomerang," "cyclone," "hurricane" and "tornado" bus-master Etherlink XL chips. This includ...
 xpt(4) -- CAM transport layer interface
    The xpt driver provides a way for userland applications to issue certain CAM CCBs to the kernel. Since the xpt driver allows direct access to the CAM subsystem, system administrators should exercise c...
 zero(4) -- the zero device
    The zero device accepts and reads data as any ordinary (and willing) file, but throws away any data written to it, and returns an endless supply of null bytes when read.
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