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 uart(4) -- driver for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) devices
    The uart device driver provides support for various classes of UARTs implementing the EIA RS-232C (CCITT V.24) serial communications interface. Each such interface is controlled by a seperate and inde...
 uaudio(4) -- USB audio device driver
    The uaudio driver provides support for USB audio class devices. A USB audio device consists of a number of components: input terminals (e.g. USB digital input), output terminals (e.g. speakers), and a...
 ubsa(4) -- USB support for Belkin serial adapters
    The ubsa driver provides support for USB-to-RS232 Bridge chip used by a variety of serial adapters from Belkin and other vendors. The device is accessed through the ucom(4) driver which makes it behav...
 ubsec(4) -- Broadcom and BlueSteel uBsec 5x0x crypto accelerator
    The ubsec driver supports cards containing any of the following chips: Bluesteel 5501 The original chipset, no longer made. This extremely rare unit was not very fast, lacked a RNG, and had a number o...
 ubtbcmfw(4) -- Firmware driver for Broadcom BCM2033 chip based Bluetooth USB devices
    The ubtbcmfw is a firmware driver for Broadcom BCM2033 chip based Bluetooth USB devices. It provides minimal access to the parts of the device required to download firmware. The ubtbcmfw driver create...
 ucom(4) -- USB tty support
    The ucom driver attaches to USB modems, serial ports, and other devices that need to look like a tty. The ucom driver shows a behavior like a tty(4). This means that normal programs such as tip(1) or ...
 udbp(4) -- USB Double Bulk Pipe driver
    The udbp driver provides support for host-to-host cables that contain at least two bulk pipes (one for each direction), for example the EzLink cable and the NetChip 1080 chip. It requires netgraph(4) ...
 udp(4) -- Internet User Datagram Protocol
    UDP is a simple, unreliable datagram protocol which is used to support the SOCK_DGRAM abstraction for the Internet protocol family. UDP sockets are connectionless, and are normally used with the sendt...
 ufm(4) -- USB driver for Cypress Semiconductor FM Radio
    The ufm driver provides support for the D-Link/GEMTEK FM tuner. The USB interface chip is the common Cypress 63001, and the tuner is a Philips TEA5757 radio chip that uses a serial interface to set th...
 uftdi(4) -- USB support for serial adapters based on the FT8U100AX and FT8U232AM
    The uftdi driver provides support for various serial adapters based on the FTDI FT8U100AX and FT8U232AM chips. The device is accessed through the ucom(4) driver which makes it behave like a tty(4).
 ugen(4) -- USB generic device support
    The ugen driver provides support for all USB devices that do not have a special driver. It supports access to all parts of the device, but not in a way that is as convenient as a special purpose drive...
 uhci(4) -- UHCI USB Host Controller driver
    The uhci driver provides support for UHCI-type PCI based USB controllers. This includes Intel 82371AB/EB (PIIX4) Intel 82371SB (PIIX3) VIA 83C572 or any other UHCI v1.1 compliant controller.
 uhid(4) -- USB generic HID support
    The uhid driver provides support for all HID (Human Interface Device) interfaces in USB devices that do not have a special driver. The device handles the following ioctl(2) calls: USB_GET_REPORT_ID (i...
 uhidev(4) -- USB Human Interface Device support
    The uhidev driver handles all Human Interface Devices. Each HID device can have several components, e.g., a keyboard and a mouse. These components use different report identifiers (a byte) to distingu...
 ukbd(4) -- USB keyboard driver
    The ukbd driver provides support for keyboards that attach to the USB port. usb(4) and one of uhci(4) or ohci(4) must be configured in the kernel as well.
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