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 ng_ksocket(4) -- kernel socket netgraph node type
    A ksocket node is both a netgraph node and a BSD socket. The ng_ksocket node type allows one to open a socket inside the kernel and have it appear as a Netgraph node. The ng_ksocket node type is the r...
 ng_l2cap(4) -- Netgraph node type that implements Bluetooth Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP)
    The l2cap node type is a Netgraph node type that implements Bluetooth Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol as per chapter D of the Bluetooth Specification Book v1.1. L2CAP provides connection-...
 ng_l2tp(4) -- L2TP protocol netgraph node type
    The l2tp node type implements the encapsulation layer of the L2TP protocol as described in RFC 2661. This includes adding the L2TP packet header for outgoing packets and verifying and removing it for ...
 ng_lmi(4) -- frame relay LMI protocol netgraph node type
    The lmi node type performs the frame relay LMI protocol. It supports the ITU Annex A, ANSI Annex D, and Group-of-four LMI types. It also supports auto-detection of the LMI type. To enable a specific L...
 ng_mppc(4) -- Microsoft MPPC/MPPE compression and encryption netgraph node type
    The mppc node type implements the Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression (MPPC) and Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) sub-protocols of the PPP protocol. These protocols are often used in conjun...
 ng_one2many(4) -- packet multiplexing netgraph node type
    The one2many provides a simple mechanism for routing packets over several links in a one-to-many (and in the reverse direction, many-to-one) fashion. There is a single hook named one, and multiple hoo...
 ng_ppp(4) -- PPP protocol netgraph node type
    The ppp node type performs multiplexing for the PPP protocol. It handles only packets that contain data, and forwards protocol negotiation and control packets to a separate controlling entity (e.g., a...
 ng_pppoe(4) -- RFC 2516 PPPOE protocol netgraph node type
    The pppoe node type performs the PPPoE protocol. It is used in conjunction with the netgraph(4) extensions to the Ethernet framework to divert and inject Ethernet packets to and from a PPP agent (whic...
 ng_pptpgre(4) -- PPTP GRE protocol netgraph node type
    The pptpgre node type performs Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) over IP for the PPTP protocol as specified by RFC 2637. This involves packet encapsulation, sequencing, acknowledgement, and an adapt...
 ng_rfc1490(4) -- RFC 1490 netgraph node type
    The rfc1490 node type performs protocol encapsulation, de-encapsulation, and multiplexing according to RFC 1490 (which has since been updated by RFC 2427). This particular type of encapsulation is oft...
 ng_socket(4) -- netgraph socket node type
    A socket node is both a BSD socket and a netgraph node. The ng_socket node type allows user-mode processes to participate in the kernel netgraph(4) networking subsystem using the BSD socket interface....
 ng_split(4) -- netgraph node to separate incoming and outgoing flows
    The split node type is used to split a bidirectional stream of packets into two separate unidirectional streams of packets.
 ng_sscfu(4) -- netgraph SSCF at the UNI node type
 ng_sscop(4) -- netgraph SSCOP node type
 ng_tee(4) -- netgraph ``tee'' node type
    The tee node type has a purpose similar to the tee(1) command. Tee nodes are useful for debugging or ``snooping'' on a connection between two netgraph nodes. Tee nodes have four hooks, right, left, ...
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