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 if_xl(4) -- 3Com Etherlink XL and Fast Etherlink XL ethernet device driver
    The xl driver provides support for PCI ethernet adapters and embedded controllers based on the 3Com "boomerang," "cyclone," "hurricane" and "tornado" bus-master Etherlink XL chips. This includ...
 ihfc(4) -- isdn4bsd ISA Cologne Chip HFC[-S][-SP] 2B[DS0] driver
    The ihfc driver provides D-channel layer 1 supports as specified in ITU Recommendation I.430 and layer 1 support for the B-channel. The driver supports some passive ISA ISDN cards based on the HFC[-S]...
 iic(4) -- I2C generic i/o device driver
    The iic character device driver provides generic i/o to any iicbus(4) instance. In order to control I2C devices, use /dev/iic? with the following ioctls: Ioctl Description I2CSTART send start conditio...
 iicbb(4) -- I2C generic bit-banging driver
    The iicbb driver provides support to any bit-banging interface for the iicbus(4) system.
 iicbus(4) -- I2C bus system
    The iicbus system provides a uniform, modular and architecture-independent system for the implementation of drivers to control various I2C devices and to utilize different I2C controllers.
 iicsmb(4) -- I2C to SMB bridge
    The iicsmb driver supports SMB commands over iicbus(4) for the smbus(4) system.
 iir(4) -- Intel Integrated RAID controller and ICP Vortex driver
    The iir driver claims to interface with the Intel integrated RAID controller cards, and all versions of the ICP Vortex controllers (including FC). Supported controllers include: Intel RAID Controller ...
 imm(4) -- parallel to SCSI interface driver
    The primary purpose of the vpo driver is to provide access to the Adaptec AIC-7110 SCSI controller built in the Iomega ZIP drive. But it should also work with the Iomega Jaz Traveller parallel to SCSI...
 inet(4) -- Internet protocol family
    The Internet protocol family is a collection of protocols layered atop the Internet Protocol (IP) transport layer, and utilizing the Internet address format. The Internet family provides protocol supp...
 inet6(4) -- Internet protocol version 6 family
    The inet6 family is an updated version of inet(4) family. While inet(4) implements Internet Protocol version 4, inet6 implements Internet Protocol version 6. inet6 is a collection of protocols layered...
 intpm(4) -- Intel PIIX4 Power Management controller driver
    This driver provides access to Intel PIIX4 PCI Controller function 3, Power management controller. Currently, only smbus controller function is implemented. But it also have bus idle monitoring functi...
 intro(4) -- introduction to devices and device drivers
    This section contains information related to devices, device drivers and miscellaneous hardware. The device abstraction    [Toc]    [Back] Device is a term used mostly for hardware-related stuff that ...
 i386/io(4) -- I/O privilege file
    The special file /dev/io is a controlled security hole that allows a process to gain I/O privileges (which are normally reserved for kernelinternal code). Any process that holds a file descriptor on /...
 ip(4) -- Internet Protocol
    IP is the transport layer protocol used by the Internet protocol family. Options may be set at the IP level when using higher-level protocols that are based on IP (such as TCP and UDP). It may also be...
 ip6(4) -- Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
    IPv6 is the network layer protocol used by the Internet protocol version 6 family (AF_INET6). Options may be set at the IPv6 level when using higher-level protocols that are based on IPv6 (such as TCP...
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