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Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO

Roberto Arcomano berto@fatamorgana.com, Florindo Santoro flosan@hack-it.net

v1.81 - July 31, 2002

Sat technology is starting to become a great resource for Internet users, allowing high bandwidth in downloading and many other interesting services. This document wants to investigate "State of Art" of Sat connections in Linux environment, how to get them speeder and to share with many clients. You can found latest version of this document at http://www.fatamorgana.com/bertolinux and http://www.hack-it.net/How-To/Sat-HOWTO.html.

1. Introduction

2. Background Knowledge

3. Technical Information

4. Requirements

5. Base setup

6. Configuration under Linux

7. Configuration under Windows

8. Appendix A - Notes

9. Appendix B - Well Known Sat ISP setting value

10. Links

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