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The Linux Reading List HOWTO

The Linux Reading List HOWTO

Eric Steven Raymond

Revision History
Revision 3.02004-02-04Revised by: esr
Major update. Removed out-of-date books, added a new one.
Revision 2.12003-10-28Revised by: esr
Added TAOUP.
Revision 2.02003-07-31Revised by: esr
Major revision, cleaned out obsolete stuff.
Revision 1.212003-02-22Revised by: esr
LDP site has moved.
Revision 1.202001-06-14Revised by: esr
Removed "Practical Unix Security"; it's five years old and the material is now covered better by other books.
Revision 1.192001-06-14Revised by: esr
Added Ross Anderson's "Security Engineering". Corrected ISBNs.

This document lists the books I think are most valuable to a person trying to learn Unix (especially Linux) top to bottom.

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