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Thomas Marteau



Deb Richardson
Original author
The Puffin Group


Thibaut Varene
Contributor of v1.0


Revision History
Revision 1.12003-11-01Revised by: tm
Jeremy Drake's Windows™ 2k server boot howto has been added.
Revision 1.02002-10-04Revised by: tm & tv
The content is done by Thibaut. Ready for Woody release. Glossary and bibliography appear. XML conversion.
Revision 0.92002-01-15Revised by: tm
This version brings you some useful advices for compiling your own kernel on hppa systems.
Revision 0.82001-10-17Revised by: tm
This version takes care of the change of name of the official FTP and CVS sites and modify the license.
Revision 0.72001-10-13Revised by: tm
This version adds some updates due to the progress of PA/Linux.
Revision 0.6 draft2001-09-26Revised by: tm
This version contains some minor changes and complete the "obtaining bootp/tftpd" section.
Revision 0.5 draft2001-07-03Revised by: tm
This version is a large update from Deb's work.
Revision 0.3 draft1999-11-24Revised by: dlr
The initial and published version of this HOWTO.

This document outlines the procedures to get the PA-RISC/Linux kernel to boot on your PA-RISC system. It also explains the usage of PALO, the kernel loader for PA/Linux. You will find much information on how to compile a kernel from the source available at http://cvs.parisc-linux.org/. Please note that this HOWTO version is newer than Deb Richardson's and includes more accurate information because of the progress of the port. Nevertheless, we must say that this document keeps some parts from Deb's original one and reveals some of her hidden work.

If you are looking for some information related to HP hardware but not directly to PA-RISC, please read Bruno Cornec's HP-HOWTO.

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