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Linux - Optical Disk HOWTO

Skip Rye, abr@preferred.com

v1.8, 12 May 2003

This document describes the installation and configuration of optical disk drives for Linux. Many of the articles are presented as is or with modifications without the actual hardware to double check the correctness. Use this information at your own risk! Please, if any one has experiences with optical storage under Linux, send it and I will update it in SGML and forward it to the Linux community. I'll assume its OK to include your E-mail address unless you specifically tell me NOT to! V1.8 is a long awaited update. I have been building a cabin since 1997 and its taken till now to complete. I appoligize to all who have given input long ago for my delay with this release!!!!

1. Disclaimer

2. Copyright

3. Magneto Optical Technology - Daniel Kobras

4. Magneto Optical Drive experiences under Linux

5. Optical jukeboxes

6. MO and other media technologies - Gene Cumm

7. Phase Change Optical Technology

8. Optical Disk HOWTO Development Page

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