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Network Boot and Exotic Root HOWTO

Network Boot and Exotic Root HOWTO

Brieuc Jeunhomme



Logilab S.A.

Revision History
Revision 0.32002-04-28Revised by: bej
Many feedback inclusions, added links to several projects
Revision 0.2.22001-12-08Revised by: dcm
Licensed GFDL
Revision 0.2.12001-05-21Revised by: logilab
Fixed bibliography and artheader
Revision 0.22001-05-19Revised by: bej
Many improvements and included Ken Yap's feedback.
Revision 0.1.12001-04-09Revised by: logilab
First public draft.
Revision 0.12000-12-09Revised by: bej
Initial draft.

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