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Linux Mobile IPv6 HOWTO

Linux Mobile IPv6 HOWTO

Lars Strand


Revision History
Revision 1.22004-04-20Revised by: LKS
Updated links. Changed lisence back to GFDL
Revision 1.12004-02-04Revised by: LKS
Added "Travelling through several foregin LAN's" and "Returning home". Some cleanup and restructuring.
Revision 1.02003-12-02Revised by: TMM
Reviewed by LDP
Revision 0.5.22003-11-26Revised by: LKS
A lot of cleanup. Thanks to John Levon levon [at] movementarian.org
Revision 0.5.12003-11-22Revised by: LKS
Changed the license from GFDL to OPL due to some GFDL problems.
Revision 0.52003-11-18Revised by: LKS
Converted to XML Docbook. Some cleanup.
Revision 0.42002-11-07Revised by: LKS
Fixed some errors + update. Thanks to Henrik Petander petander (at) tcs hut fi.
Revision 0.3.12003-11-03Revised by: LKS
Updated to MIPL relase 1.0 (kernel 2.4.22).
Revision 0.32003-08-05Revised by: LKS
Initial release.

This document describes the software and procedures to set up and use mobile IPv6 for Linux.

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