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Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO

Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO

Greg Wierzchowski


Revision History
Revision 1.112004-08-21Revised by: GW
Fixed a typo.
Revision 1.102004-07-14Revised by: GW
Fixed revision numbering to be in sync with CVS.
Revision 1.92004-07-14Revised by: GW
Small updates, added new sub-section.
Revision 1.82003-09-12Revised by: GW
Cleanup, update, fixes and minor layout change.
Revision 1.72002-04-26Revised by: GW
Divided into two sections: existing material to section "audio", new section "data" on data CDs. Misc. additions.
Revision 1.52001-11-19Revised by: GW
Fixed omission in Disc-At-Once burning section.
Revision 1.42001-11-17Revised by: GW
Added Disc-At-Once burning section.
Revision 1.32001-09-02Revised by: GW
Added another example of decoding MP3 files with lame.
Revision 1.22001-07-12Revised by: GW
Minor layout changes; Added Translations subsection into Credits.
Revision 1.12001-06-12Revised by: GW
Minor cleanup; Regexp fix for MP3 to WAV name conversion example.
Revision 1.02001-05-29Revised by: GW
Initial Release.

A complete recipe for creating audio and data CDs from MP3 files.

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