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Version, History and To-Do

1.3. Version, History and To-Do

1.3.1. Version

The current version is shown at the beginning of the document.

For other available versions/translations see also http://www.bieringer.de/linux/IPv6/.

1.3.2. History Major history

2001-11-30: Starting to design new HOWTO.

2002-01-02: A lot of content completed, first public release of chapter 1 (version 0.10).

2002-01-14: More completed, some reviews, public release of the whole document (version 0.14).

2002-08-16: Polish translation is in progress

2002-10-31: Chinese translation is available (see Translations for more)

2002-11-10: German translation is in progress

2003-02-10: German translation is available

2003-04-09: French translation is in progress

2003-05-09: French translation is available

2003-08-15: Spanish translation is in progress

2003-10-16: Italian translation is in progress

2004-03-12: Italian translation is available

2004-06-18: Greek translation is in progress

2004-08-29: Spanish translation is still NOT in progress Full history

See revision history at the end of this document.

1.3.3. To-Do

  • Fill in missing content

  • Finishing grammar checking

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