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1. Introduction

This howto is also available at - http://xmame.retrogames.com/hans. This document describes a setup for nfs over root. This document differs from the other root over nfs howto's in 2 ways:

  1. It describes both the server and the client side offering a complete solution, it doesn't desribe the generic principles off root over nfs although they will become clear. Instead it offers a working setup for root over nfs. One of the many possible setup's I might add.
  2. This solution is unique in that it shares the root of the server with the workstations (ws). Instead of having a mini-root per ws. This has a number of advantages:
    • low diskspace usage
    • any changes on the serverside are also automagicly made at the client side, all configuration has only to be done once!
    • Very easy adding of new clients
    • only one system to maintain

This document is heavily based on a RedHat-5.2 system. Quite a bit of prior linux sysadmin experience is assumed in this howto, if you have that it shouldn't be a problem to addept this solutions to other distributions.

1.1 Copyright

Well here's the standard howto legal stuff:

This manual may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part, without fee, subject to the following conditions:

  • The copyright notice above and this permission notice must be preserved complete on all complete or partial copies.
  • Any translation or derived work must be approved by the author in writing before distribution.
  • If you distribute this work in part, instructions for obtaining the complete version of this manual must be included, and a means for obtaining a complete version provided.
  • Small portions may be reproduced as illustrations for reviews or quotes in other works without this permission notice if proper citation is given.

Exceptions to these rules may be granted for academic purposes: Write to the author and ask. These restrictions are here to protect us as authors, not to restrict you as learners and educators.

1.2 Changelog

  • v0.1, 20 January 1999: First draft written at the HHS, where the setup was originally developed.
  • v1.0, 30 March 1999: First released version partially written in time of ISM

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