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BTinternet pppd mini-HOWTO

BTinternet pppd mini-HOWTO

Matt Wright

Matt Wright Consulting


Greg Ferguson - Converted the mini-HOWTO from HTML to Docbook 3.1 (SGML).


Revision History
Revision v0.292002-03-26Revised by: mww
Added a small bit of first-hand tech support about cross-frequency.
Revision v0.282002-01-17Revised by: mww
New information about PPPoATM involving kernels and distibutions.
Revision v0.272001-12-20Revised by: mww
Minor technical problems highlighted by Robert Smith.
Revision v0.262001-11-21Revised by: mww
Added a point about the Kernel HOWTO.
Revision v0.252001-11-17Revised by: mww
Added a troubleshooting answer about "_mmx_memcpy". Other minor updates as well.
Revision v0.242001-11-09Revised by: mww
Technical detail with the chatscript timeout (and found a spelling mistake or two!). Thanks again to Bill Staehle.
Revision v0.232001-11-07Revised by: mww
Changed the Chatscript dialing method, thanks go to TonyC from btinternet.linux newsgroup.
Revision v0.222001-11-06Revised by: mww
Changed a couple more little botches. Thanks again go to Bill Staehle.
Revision v0.212001-11-03Revised by: mww
Changed discrepancies reported by Bill Staehle.
Revision v0.202001-11-01Revised by: mww
Added Alcatel Speedtouch Information.
Revision v0.192001-10-31Revised by: mww
Initial public release.

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