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Tip: 81      Comments: 0
Need to leave your terminal for a few minutes and don't want to logout?
Use "lock -p". When you return, use your password as the key to unlock the
		-- Dru 
Tip: 82      Comments: 0
Need to find the location of a program? Use "locate program_name".
		-- Dru 
Tip: 83      Comments: 1
Forget how to spell a word or a variation of a word? Use

	"look portion_of_word_you_know
		-- Dru 
Tip: 84      Comments: 0
To see the last 10 lines of a long file, use "tail filename". To see the
first 10 lines, use "head filename".
		-- Dru 
Tip: 85      Comments: 0
To see how long it takes a command to run, type the word "time" before the
command name.
		-- Dru 
Tip: 86      Comments: 1
To quickly create an empty file, use "touch filename".
		-- Dru 
Tip: 87      Comments: 0
To find out the hostname associated with an IP address, use

	dig -x IP_address
		-- Dru 
Tip: 88      Comments: 0
If you use the C shell, add the following line to the .cshrc file in your
home directory to prevent core files from being written to disk:

	limit coredumpsize 0
		-- Dru 
Tip: 89      Comments: 0
If you need a reminder to leave your terminal, type "leave +hhmm" where
"hhmm" represents in how many hours and minutes you need to leave.
		-- Dru 
Tip: 90      Comments: 0
Need to do a search in a manpage or in a file you've sent to a pager? Use
"/search_word". To repeat the same search, type "n" for next.
		-- Dru 
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