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Tip: 61      Comments: 0
"man security" gives very good advice on how to tune the security of your
FreeBSD system.
Tip: 62      Comments: 0
Want to find a specific port, just type the following under /usr/ports,
or one its subdirectories:

	"make search port="
	"make search key=""
Tip: 63      Comments: 0
Want to see how much virtual memory you're using? Just type "swapinfo" to
be shown information about the usage of your swap partitions.
Tip: 64      Comments: 0
ports/net/netcat port is useful not only for redirecting input/output
to TCP or UDP connections, but also for proxying them. See inetd(8) for
Tip: 65      Comments: 0
If other operating systems have damaged your Master Boot Record, you can
reinstall it either with /stand/sysinstall or with boot0cfg(8). See
"man boot0cfg" for details.
Tip: 66      Comments: 0
Need to see the calendar for this month? Simply type "cal".  To see the
whole year, type "cal -y".
		-- Dru 
Tip: 67      Comments: 0
Need to quickly return to your home directory? Type "cd".
		-- Dru 
Tip: 68      Comments: 0
To see the last time that you logged in, use lastlogin(8).
		-- Dru 
Tip: 69      Comments: 0
To clear the screen, use "clear". To re-display your screen buffer, press
the scroll lock key and use your page up button. When you're finished,
press the scroll lock key again to get your prompt back.
		-- Dru 
Tip: 70      Comments: 0
To save disk space in your home directory, compress files you rarely
use with "gzip  filename".
		-- Dru 
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