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Tip: 101      Comments: 0
You can open up a new split-screen window in (n)vi with :N or :E and then
use ^w to switch between the two.
Tip: 102      Comments: 0
sh (the default bourne shell in FreeBSD) supports command-line editing.  Just
``set -o emacs'' or ``set -o vi'' to enable it.
Tip: 103      Comments: 0
When you've made modifications to a file in vi(1) and then find that
you can't write it, type ``!rm -f \%'' then ``:w!'' to force the

This won't work if you don't have write permissions to the directory
and probably won't be suitable if you're editing through a symbolic link.
Tip: 104      Comments: 0
If you want to quickly check for duplicate package/port installations,
try the following pkg_info command.

	pkg_info | sort | sed -e 's/-[0-9].*$//' | \
	uniq -c | grep -v '^[[:space:]]*1'
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